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Name:Steve Rogers
Birthdate:Jul 4, 1918
Location:New York, United States of America

I am NOT Captain America/Steve Rogers. I am not in any way associated with MARVEL, Captain America, or Chris Evans. I am not making a profit from this journal. This is a roleplay journal for play purposes. Also, I am over 18 and will only play with those who are over 18.

++ About the Character ++

For the most part, I’m using the movies as a guideline for my version of Steve. He’s an idealist, a leader, unquestionably loyal and determined to do the right thing. He is determined and a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to pesky things like personal safety. He never quits, doesn't know how to, and he has a temper. His weak point is absolutely his heart, but that’s also his strength. It drives him to be the man he is, far beyond the steps he was willing to take to become a soldier without the physical limitations of his youth. He is the solider he is because of his heart, because of who he is at the core. He is someone who cannot comfortably wait and do nothing, he is someone who cannot sit idly by while others suffer. He is a strong leader and a strategist. He’s intelligent, a bit naive at times, and a bit heedless when it comes to his own safety (in relation to others). ‘Letting go’ is something he’s never been completely comfortable with and occasionally he comes across as too serious. He can be impetuous and too stubborn, as well as prone to walk into a fight whether he is outmatched or not. He is, unquestionably, a good and kind man.

I am familiar with the comics, but there’s a lot of history to sift through. I’d prefer to pick from a smaller pool for him as I play, just as far as what I need to keep straight in my head. If you need a refresher on the movies, a history of Steve is here at the bottom of this page.

++ Shipping ++

Shipping, for me, is about chemistry. I don’t have any strict and set ideas on who to ship Steve with (in RP). I’m open to whatever works and I play Steve as bisexual.

++ History ++

Steve was born on July 4, 1918 in Brooklyn, New York and he was a sickly child. He was very small, had a lot of health problems, including asthma and a heart condition. His father died in WWI and he grew up with his mother, a nurse in an infectious diseases ward. He was constantly getting into fights, as he was never fond of a bully and never hesitated to speak up when he felt it necessary. Never mind that he was always, always hopelessly outmatched in a fight. He met James ‘Bucky’ Barnes during his childhood and they became best friends.

When the US became a part of WWII, Steve wanted to join up. He was rejected over and over again. That didn’t stop him from trying. Right after his best friend got the papers for him to leave to go fight in the war, Steve went to the World Fair with him. While he was there, Steve walked away from a Stark demonstration to go try to enlist again, using false information. The scientist Abraham Erskine overheard his plan to try, and he heard why he wanted to go over there. Because of that, he made it possible for Steve to join up. It was after this that he met Peggy Carter, who ended up being very important to Steve.

The reason Abraham Erskine wanted him to join was because he was working on a special project, Project: Rebirth. This was a program to create the perfect soldier. Despite the fact that others didn’t believe him capable, he proved himself to be brave despite his size (by throwing himself on a dud grenade in an attempt to give everyone else a chance). After that, it was agreed that Steve would be the one used in the project. He was given a serum by Erskine and placed in a machine run by Howard Stark. It worked, and when he emerged, Steve Rogers was no longer a small, sickly young man. He was tall and stronger than other men. He was faster. The serum emphasized the goodness in him, and he became physically the man he’d been on the inside the whole time.

Right after the procedure, however, an assassin killed Erskine and rather than staying for tests and whatever else the project would have encompassed, Steve was sent off to be used in propaganda videos and shows to sell bonds. That wasn’t what he’d wanted to do, wasn’t why he’d tried to enlist in the first place. When he heard that the 107th Unit was MIA, Steve decided to do something. The 107th was his best friend’s unit and even after hearing that Bucky might be dead, he decided to go in. With Peggy Carter and Howard Stark’s assistance getting in Steve stormed Johann Schmidt’s (aka the Red Skull) HYDRA factory.

He got all the prisoners out he could and found Bucky and got him out. After that, Steve asked some of the men he’d rescued (including Bucky) to fight HYDRA with him. They called themselves the Howling Commandos. Together, they took down factories, fought the good fight. Upon hearing about a train that would be carrying one of Schmidt’s key players, Steve decided to get onto the train to take him prisoner. During the fight, Bucky was killed.

Steve was devastated and lost. Peggy helped him pick himself up again, enough to finish the job. With help from his team, Peggy, and many others, they won the fight. Schmidt fled in a plane and Steve followed, climbing into the plane as it was taking off. Schmidt defeated himself with the use of the Tesseract, a cube that had been used to form formidable weapons. After he was gone, however, it became obvious that the plane Steve was on would land in New York and cause a great many deaths. He chose to crash the plane in the Arctic and, as far as anyone knew, died.

In the 21st century, Steve woke up and found out he’d been frozen asleep for almost 70 years. He was, understandably, stunned. A little while after that Nick Fury came to him to tell him that the Tesseract had been stolen by Loki and could be used to rule the world. Steve agreed to help and met Agent Phil Coulson, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and Thor. Their initial grouping was less than easy. Steve and Tony clashed quite a bit, though Steve found him to be a good man later, someone he could respect.

Despite the fact that they had captured Loki, he managed to escape and Phil Coulson was (seemingly) murdered. Together, they became the Avengers and defended the earth from the army Loki had brought down (the Chitauri). Thor took Loki back to Asgard and Steve took off for Washington D.C.

In the next two years, Steve met Sam Wilson, who he befriended, he visited Peggy Carter, who was still alive but in a nursing home, and worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Natasha Romanoff. He worked to take save some hostages on a S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel. Later, he discovered that saving the hostages hadn’t been the only mission. He had a difficult time trusting Natasha after that and, later, Nick Fury. When he confronted Fury about this, he was shown something called Project Insight, which was a project consisting of three helicarriers armed with spy satellites that would be used to prevent any further attacks. Steve didn’t like the idea and was very clear about it.

Later, Steve went home and found an injured Fury in his apartment. Fury was shot several times. He gave Steve a flash drive and told him to trust no one. Steve chased after the shooter but lost him after the shooter caught his shield and threw it back at him. Steven went to the hospital hoping that Fury would be all right, but he watched him die. Steve hid the flash drive in a vending machine and went S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, as he had been summoned there.

He met with Alexander Pierce, who tried to find out what Fury had said to him. Steve refused to disclose any information. After the meeting, Steve was attacked in an elevator by Brock Rumlow and his Strike team. Steve won the fight and escaped. He went back to the hospital to find the flash drive and found that Natasha had found it first. Together, they went to find out just what was on it. They discovered where to go and drove to Camp Lehigh (where Steve had gone to boot camp) to find out what the big secret was. While there, they found a secret bunker, and a secret elevator in that. They went down, inserted the flash drive, and discovered Arnim Zola’s mind saved on computers. He told them that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been infiltrated by HYDRA.

Zola kept them occupied until a missile went sent to kill Steve and Natasha, but Steve used his shield to keep them as safe as he could. Then, they went to Sam Wilson’s place for safety until they could decide what their next step was. During this time, Steve told Natasha that he trusted her. While at his house, Sam offered to help them. Steve accepted and together they decided to took Jasper Sitwell, one of the hostages on the ship Steve had helped. He told them that the helicarriers would kill everyone who was a potential threat to HYDRA using an algorithm Zola had created. They took him with them, but while driving, Nick Fury’s mystery shooter ripped Sitwell from the car and attacked the rest of them. It was a very violent fight and Natasha was shot in the shoulder.

As Steve was fighting with the shooter, also known as the Winter Solider, Steve discovered that the solider was, in fact, Bucky Barnes, his best friend. Bucky had been brainwashed and tortured, frozen many times, and he didn’t seem to recognize Steve. Natasha and Sam saved Steve. Steve was shocked into inaction and he was captured by Rumlow and the Strike team. One of Fury’s loyal agents, Maria Hill, saved them and helped them to escape. She then took them to see Nick Fury, who was alive! They all made a plan to stop the helicarriers from killing millions of people. Steve also decided they would take down S.H.I.E.L.D., despite Nick Fury’s initial objections.

Using three chips that had to be inserted on each of the three carriers, they attacked. Steve got one chip in, Sam got another. Upon attempting to get the third chip in, however, Bucky/the Winter Soldier showed up and fought Steve. He begged Bucky not to make him do it, but once again Bucky didn’t appear to recognize him. They fought and, at one point, Bucky managed to get a hold of the chip. Steve put a hold on him and once he was unconscious, Steve took the chip and climbed up to the panel. During his climb, however, the Winter Soldier shot Steve several times. Still, he managed to get the final chip in and told Maria Hill to fire and destroy the helicarriers.

Once she did, the carriers began to break apart as they fell. A large beam fell on Bucky and Steve dropped down to help get the beam off of him, despite his injuries. Once Bucky was free, Steve tried to tell him who he was. Bucky hit him several times and Steve gave up. He dropped his shield and refused to figure. After telling Bucky he was with him ‘til the end of the line, Bucky stopped, and Steve fell out of the carrier into the water. Bucky saved him by dragging him out of the water and when Steve woke up, he was in the hospital with no idea where Bucky was.

Sam stayed with him and, despite an offer from Nick Fury to go overseas, he and Steve declined. Steve decided to go look for Bucky, to help him. Since then, looking for Bucky is exactly what he’s been doing.
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